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Common Issues When Filing MIRA Tax Report For Maldivian Users
Common Issues When Filing MIRA Tax Report For Maldivian Users
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IsleBooks POS provides customers ability to export Input tax statement and output tax statements in MIRA online upload format which means even non tax savvy persons can file their GST returns. Sometimes due to changes in MIRA systems or simple user errors such as not entering certain data properly, customers may get some general errors when trying to upload input or output tax statements.

Tax Statement Export Checklist

  1. Ensure you have entered Tax Activity number for all business locations you operate from Settings > Business Locations. Simply click edit location and enter Activity number.

  2. Ensure that all suppliers which you claim the input tax from has TIN number. Go to Contacts > Suppliers Edit and check Tax Number field. Set it if not done already.

Input Tax Statement Common Issues

  1. No TIN number for row xxx.

    Solution: Ensure that the supplier TIN number exists. By following #2 from above checklist

  2. Value cannot be null. Parameter name: source

    Solution: This is a generic error some customers have faced during import. When we export Input Tax Statement all values are normally exported without a limited decimal place for accuracy. One of the solution is to make all values in GST charged and Total Excluding Tax to nearest 2 decimal places. You can do this by these 2 columns, and clicking format and then choosing Number format and 2 decimal places as shown in below screenshot. If this step doesn't help, contact us and we will help.

  3. Input Tax: Row X - The invoice date must be presented in the extended format, with the month expressed in English as 'dd MMMM yyyy'. For example, it should appear as "01 January 2020"

    Solution: Change date format to dd mmmm yyyy and make it in plain text. Let us know if this doesnt help and we will help you

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